Artist Testimonials:

RE: 10x10 Creative Gateshead project: Commissioned by Dingy Butterflies to design creative activities onto 2 x double page spreads in booklets for adults and families/young people (July 2020):

"Working with Pui on the 10x10 Creative Gateshead Project has been an absolute pleasure!   

Working remotely due to covid meant we met over Zoom which would never be by preferred way to work, especially for a creative project but Pui demonstrated pretty quickly, a wonderful and deep understanding of our client group and of the importance of good mental health for our overall wellbeing. She has great empathy and somehow managed to go away and produce something that would work so fabulously for our clients.   

She didn’t need any advice or direction from me about making the piece user friendly, pitching the language perfectly. Her understanding of poor mental health was incorporated so superbly into the work. 

A superb job and a wonderfully infectious, creative passion. Suitably impressed and eager to work with Pui again in the future!" 

-Lisa MacDonald (Wellbeing & Resilience Manager at Tyneside & Northumberland Mind)


RE: Holiday@Home project by Newcastle City Council and Community Family Hub Central (July-August 2020):

"Videos were fab - excellent job! Wishing you well with future ventures!"

-Lisa Rake (Intensive Family Support Worker at Community Family Hub Central)

"Thanks so much for the logo - it's great! Love it Pui! Thanks! ...The [activity] ideas are perfect!"

-Caroline Herbert (Intensive Family Support Worker at Community Family Hub Central)

Comments about my proposal: "The creative arts/crafts ideas from Pui Lee stood out as very multi-cultural and we think families will love getting involved in some, if not all of these."


RE: Designing & delivering family-friendly workshops for NGCA, Sunderland, as a freelance artist:

"I have employed Pui to work on a number of drop-in family workshops at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art and she is always incredibly professional and enthusiastic. Pui has great ideas for workshops and always produces high quality and engaging work. She is always on time, is very friendly and has an excellent knowledge of art. Pui engages well with all types of people, from young families to older people with dementia. Pui is highly organised and well prepared for sessions, and is a pleasure to work with."

– Kathryn Brame (then-Engagement & Development Manager at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland)


RE: Charity Work in aid of Alzheimers Society: A 50mile-ish trek crossing 4 of the highest peaks in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, within less than a day and no sleep!

"Well, what you have done, a lot of people just would not do." – Jimmy. (Barley Mow Village Hall)


RE: CONSTRUCT! 3D Art Workshop with Artist Pui Lee to coincide with "New Sculpture!" exhibition at The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, working with 22 x Yr 9 pupils from Manchester Grammar School (28/04/2017):

"Brilliant. Very, very good." – Maggie. (Teacher)

"Brilliant all round! Thanks so much!" - Denise Bowler (Secondary and FE Learning Officer at Whitworth)


RE: Delivering contemporary art and traditional Chinese themed workshops for CFCCA, Manchester, as a freelance artist:

"Pui Lee is a talented and creative practitioner. Her workshops are always popular and the feedback from the public has been excellent!" – Paul Stanley (then-Programme & Engagement Co-ordinator at CFCCA)


RE: "Create Your Own 2D Art-Work Inspired by Roald Dahl's Dirty Beasts & Revolting Rhymes!" - a family-friendly drop-in workshop at Washington Galleries Library, Sunderland. (30th August 2016; 2:15pm-3:15pm):

"I have done drawing before at school but I haven't done anything as good as this before; and with all your advice, I think I will draw better from now on!"– (participant)

"I have never heard of collage before but I liked trying it and it looks really good.!" – (participant)

"I really like what I made today. I am going to show everyone when I get home and tell them all about it" – (participant)

"That was quite fun! I'm having a good time too!" – (participant)


RE: "Make Your Own 3D Flat-Pack Cardboard Clock Tower Sculpture!" - a family-friendly drop-in workshop at Victoria Gallery and Museum, Liverpool. (26th August 2016; 1pm-4pm):

"All very well organised and enjoyable! Lots of encouragement for grandma!" – (Grandparent)

"I first saw it and thought we'll never manage that but actually, once you get started, it's so easy to build!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"Great session today, very hands-on! Thank you!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"I thought this was great! I never knew this museum was here so am pleased to find somewhere new!" – (Parent/Guardian)


RE: "Making Space: Wearable Sculpture!" - a 2-Day family-friendly drop-in workshop event at LIFE Science Centre,

Newcastle-upon-Tyne. (9th & 10th April 2016; 10am--4:30pm/11am-4:30pm):

"Stimulating! Loads of choice! Fun for children and adults!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"Brilliant! Very helpful! My child loved it!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"The entire concept was great!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"Excellent!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"I liked the idea and there were loads of things to use. We learnt how to use recycled stuff!" - (Child participant)

"Creativity - the ability to use everything! It was joy!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"Enjoyed it! It was hands-on and imaginative!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"Making the models using different materials!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"Help from staff to create the artefact! It was all good." (Parent/Guardian)

"Good time! Very good!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"I liked the cutting and sticking!" – (Child participant)

"[Best bits were:] Range of materials, making new things, help from staff, end result." – (Parent/Guardian)

"[Best bits were:] I built a piece of daft armour." – (Child participant)

"[Best bits were:] The sharing of resources and helping kids build." – (Parent/Guardian)

"[Best bits were:] Independence given to kids." – (Parent/Guardian)

"[Best bits were:] Time with family." – (Parent/Guardian)

"Good! Fun! Educational!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"Excellent for kids." – (Parent/Guardian)

"That was great!" – (Child participant)

"I enjoyed making the sculpture!" – (Child participant)


RE: "Chinese Opera Mask Craft!" family-friendly drop-in workshop at Victoria Gallery and Museum, Museum, Liverpool (13th January 2016; 1pm-4pm):

"Thank you very much for today and for all the preparation too. The children have really loved it today!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"I love my mask!" - (Child participant)

"This is SO sick! I'm making a mask for my mum's birthday as a surprise present! Thank you for helping me with my design - today has been so great!" (Child participant)

"Thank you very much! That was a really great activity! We loved making the masks!!" – (Participant)

"It was good to try something new - I'm not really an arty kind of person but I enjoyed today! That was my first time since I was back at school!" – (Adult participant)


RE: "Make Your Own 3D Cardboard Monkey Sculpture with Artist Pui Lee to Celebrate Chinese New Year!" family-friendly drop-in workshop at The Gallery, Gateshead (6th February 2016):

"That was fabulous!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"That is such a brilliant idea!" - (Parent/Guardian)

"That was great - we had a great time! Thank you!" (Parent/Guardian)

"Is that your design? It's really great! Great idea for an activity!" (Parent/Guardian)

"Brilliant - we have absolutely loved it! Thank you!" – (Parent/Guardian)

"Awesome!" – (Child)

"The feedback was all really positive and amazing session – 102 people! There was a good gender split, high energy and the activity was collaborative between parent and child, which worked well!" – (Gateshead Culture staff member)


RE: "Creative Currency Casino!" summer pARTicipate project at The People's History Museum, Salford, to coincide with "Show Me the Money!" exhibition (July-August 2015):

"Inviting families to use and explore our current changing exhibition Show Me the Money, our summer holiday events programme was filled with engaging workshops led by artist Pui Lee. Each week visitors were encouraged to get stuck in, exploring a new theme linked to images of finance, creating pieces of art they could either take home or contribute to an installation piece. The summer was a success with some families coming back each week and a great turn out, for many, a favourite being Personalised Piggy Banks. Staff also enjoyed the opportunity to help out with Creative Currency Casino as we challenged families to take on the human fruit machine and other games of chance. Following on from this, we are looking forward to working with Pui again for a fun filled October half term." – Liz Thorpe (Learning Assistant at The People's History Museum)


RE: "The Wonder Wall!" Autism-Friendly Arts Project, "Get Curious!" at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland, to coincide with Ringbinder exhibition by Jeffrey Dennis:

"Pui has delivered workshops for Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art (NGCA) for a number of years and always produces activities of the highest standard which reflect the themes of our exhibitions. She has received great feedback from the children and parents who have attended her workshops, and delivers interesting and exciting projects which culminate in attractive results. Pui has recently worked with NGCA to produce autism-friendly workshops which were part of a collaborative project across Sunderland, linked to the National Theatre’s production of ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’. Pui is incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with!" – Kathryn Brame (Engagement and Development Manager at NGCA)

"Pui worked with us on ‘Get Curious!’, an Autism-Friendly Family Learning project. Her activity was broken into steps which ensured the children’s needs were considered. The activity was hands-on, visual and tactile, making an enjoyable time making bubble art for all! The activity also culminated towards a bigger piece of work towards the end of the project!" – Hollie (Creative Learning)

"Pui’s facilitation of the group was fantastic and efficient in addressing the needs of the group. The creative activity itself was very much suitable and pitched perfectly to the differing needs of the group. Allowing the group to transfer their art onto a larger scale piece on the wall allowed the participants to feel that they contributed to something bigger!" – Hope (Creative Learning)

"It's been very, very fun! I enjoyed making the small bubbles the best!" – Adam (workshop participant)


RE: Freelance Artist Workshops for Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life, Carlisle:

"Pui is an excellent Freelance Artist, who has great ideas and creativity. She has engaged with a wide range of participants through a variety of projects and has always produced exceptional results. Pui is flexible and adaptable ensuring she meets the criteria of the brief. She is very thorough and well-organised and is a pleasure to work with." – Julie Wooding (Learning and Access Officer at Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life)


RE: My work as Art Co-ordinator & Art Tutor for North East England for arts charity LifewithArt. ()

"Pui is an extremely professional arts facilitator. Her workshops are beautifully creative and always receive glowing praise from the participants. She is well organised, punctual and works well without external supervision." – Bethan Honeywill (Chief Operating Officer for LifewithArt)


RE: 4 x 45mins China-themed workshops for Years 3 and 4 pupils at St. Michael's CE Primary School, Bolton. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (12th February 2016):

"Just a quick email to say thank you coming in to share your workshop with the children. They were hooked right from the start with the great PowerPoint presentation, which was both fun and interesting. The children particularly enjoyed having a go at using the chopsticks at the end of the session, and some of them told me that they'd tried to use them at home during our recent half term holiday - with no success! Thank you again for coming in and it would be great to see you back at St Michael's in the future!" – (P. Bracegirdle - Yr 4 Class Teacher)


RE: 3 x 1hr China-themed workshops for Nursery, Reception and Year 1 pupils at Hill Top Primary School, Wakefield. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (10th February 2016):

"Hi Pui, Last night we had our school Valentines Disco's and many parents came up to say how much the children had enjoyed the sessions, talked about what they had learnt and could tell them about the gifts they had received. The staff also felt that there was a lot of information for the children and agreed that the children had learnt a lot. Like I have said the parents commented favourably on the sessions. Thanking you!" – (Headteacher)

"That was fun!" – (Pupil)

RE: 4 x 1hr China-themed workshops for Reception to Year 6 pupils at Middle Rasen Primary School, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (9th February 2016):

"Dear Pui, the children really enjoyed your workshops yesterday. It was parent’s evening after school and a number of parents commented on how much the children had enjoyed themselves and how much they had learned.  I will certainly recommend you to other schools. Thank you so much!" – (Headteacher)

"You're the best teacher ever!" – (Pupil)


RE: 2 x 1hr China-themed workshops for KS1 and KS2 pupils at East Halton Primary School, Immingham. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (8th February 2016):

"Our staff were very happy with the work you did with out children and of course, the children were enthralled. Many thanks!" – (J. Haddock - Business Manager)

"Thank you for the best class ever!!" – (KS2 pupil)
"That was THE best lesson ever!!" – (KS2 pupil
"Thank you very much Miss Lee! That was brilliant - I hope you can come back again!" – (KS2 pupil)


RE: 4 x 1hr China-themed workshops for Years 1 to 6 pupils at Oasis Boulton Academy, Birmingham. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (5th February 2016):

"Dear Pui Lee, thank you so much for coming in for the workshops. The children absolutely loved it! They really enjoyed the gifts as they were quite a surprise! :-) Thank you so much and I hope to work with you again in the future." – (Year 3 Teacher and Event Organiser)
"That was SO wicked! That was so, so good! WOW! That was brilliant!" – (Year 3/4 Staff Member)
"Thank you Miss! That was a really, really good assembly. I really enjoyed it!" – (Year 4 Pupil)
"Thanks Miss Lee! That was a great assembly you did!" – (Year 2 pupil)
"Very good workshop! Very good fun!" – (Year 6 Teacher)
"Thank you Miss! That was the BEST class Year 6 have ever had!" – (Year 6 pupil)
"That was brilliant! That was very good! You're so polite too!" – (Year 6 pupil)
RE: 4 x 1hr China-themed workshops for Years 5 and 6 pupils at St. Michael's Community Academy, Crewe. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (1st February 2016):
"Dear Pui, Many thanks for coming in to our school on Monday! I have managed to speak to all of the staff who were involved with your visit and we all have the same feedback: we thought it was great! The sessions were informative, the children were really engaged and enjoyed having products to take away with them and share at home. Most children came in the next day still talking about it, and mentioned the discussions that were had at home also. Thanks again for your time!" – (Year 5 Teacher and Event Organiser)
"That was great! - Can you come back tomorrow?" – (Pupil)
RE: 1hr China-themed workshop for Reception pupils at Church Vale Primary School, Mansfield. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (20th January 2016):
"Pui had a lovely manner with the children." – (Teacher)
RE: Delivered 2hr Face-to-Face MCTC Teacher Training at Green Bank Preparatory School, Cheadle Hulme. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (19th January 2016):
"Thank you so much, it was an extremely valuable and inspiring morning!" – (Participating Teacher)
RE: Family-Friendly pARTicipate workshop, "Break the Vault!" at The People's History Museum, Salford. (28th October 2015; 1pm-3pm):
"Lovely opportunity to spend time with daughter during holidays. Really enjoyed the craft activity. Excellent support from lady who was very patient. -Thanks!” – (Participant's mother)
"Super activity! -and the kids obviously enjoyed it! You could tell - they didn't just say, 'oh let's go!', they actually wanted to stay and make it! It was good for them!” – (Participant's grandmother)
RE: 5 x "International Art!" workshops (Theme: Natural/Organic Forms and Working in 3D) as part of Challenge Day! for Year 9 pupils at Castle View Enterprise Academy, Sunderland. (13th October 2015):
"I have a few quotes from some of the Year 9 students that you worked with, all very positive as they enjoyed the session. Many thanks and hopefully we will get to work with you again some time!” – L. Corken (Art Teacher at Castle View Enterprise Academy Sunderland)
"I enjoyed the session as I liked learning how to do something new and I liked my work. If I was struggling, I was able to get help from the artist." - (Yr 9 pupil)
"I enjoyed working with the artist and through the presentation, I learned about foreign culture and what things from foreign culture I can do with paper." - (Yr 9 pupil)
"I really enjoyed the artist that came in as I learned how to fold paper in different ways to create art. It was creative and I also learned about other artists’ work." - (Yr 9 pupil)
RE: Family First Saturday Family-Friendly Drop-In workshop, "Crafty Cardboard Jewellery Inspired by Cogs", at Prescot Museum, Knowsley. (01/08/2015)
"The workshop had an original idea and my children had lots of fun using aall the interesting materialss provided. The weather could have been better!-It's a shame that more people don't attend these workshops as they are very important. -They give people a chance to socialise in their local community." – (Parent of participant)
"The workshop had a themed outcome and not just open play but it was still a really relaxed event. We loved it and felt welcome to be a little messy!" – (Parent of participant)
RE: Family-Friendly Drop-In Art Workshop and creation of the installation, "Sweet City", in the Drawing Room at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland. (April 2015)
"I think the cardboard city looks GREAT!" – Kathryn Brame (Engagement and Development Manager at NGCA)
"The Drawing room is cool! I love the city in the Drawing RoomYour sincerely, Cole!" – (Young gallery visitor)
RE: "An Introduction to Weaving!" arts 'n' crafts workshop for residents at The Manor House care home, Newcastle. (18/06/2015)
"Thank you very much for today. I really enjoyed myself and it was lovely to meet you. I look forward to coming back again next time!" – (participant)
"That was enjoyable as always. Thank you for keeping us right and showing us how to do things! It helps keeps our minds busy." - (participant)
RE: "Working in 3D: Wearable Paper Sculptures" art workshop for Young Reading Activist Group in Washington Library, Tyne & Wear. 11am-3pm. (08/04/2015)
"The wearable sculpture session was great fun! The girls really opened up throughout the activities and stretched their imaginations. I was very impressed by all the creations they produced." – Jennifer Andrew (Learning & Engagement Staff)
RE: Making 2x Giant Dragons for Permanent Display: art workshops for all year groups as part of "Diversity Day" at Stalyhill Primary School, Stalybridge. (31/03/2015)
"I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work yesterday. The day was a great success and the finished dragons look amazing!" – (Leah Plant - Headteacher)
"-That looks really fabulous!!" - (teacher)
RE: START arts education project at CFCCA, Manchester: "The Market" (2014) with Yr 8 pupils from Alder Community High School, Hyde. (April-June 2014)
“Pui Lee worked as an artist and facilitator with Year 8 pupils from Alder Community High School to create an innovative installation in the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art. The programme was a great success, with Pui Lee developing a truly creative collaboration, enabling ideas by and with young people to grow from the first workshops to the curatorial design.”-(Sarah Fisher, Former Director of Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester)
RE: LifewithArt workshop at Northumberland Street, Newcastle: Freestyle Clay Sculptures with Tourettes Action North East group! (28/06/2014)
"My son had enjoyed arts and crafts today. He made a lovely horse our of clay and he was very happy with it!" -(parent)
"We all had a great day today and desiging bags was good fun. My sons had a great time with clay making too. They were both really hapy with their finished work!" -(parent)
"I could have made this activity last for twice as long as I loved it!" -(parent)
"That was WICKED!!" -(child)
"I had lots of fun!" - (child)
RE: LifewithArt workshop at Northumberland Street, Newcastle: Freestyle Clay Sculptures with Stonham Group! (18/07/2014)
"All the clients really enjoyed the workshop! Pui was excellent and supported everyone! Thank you!" - (group leader)
"I really enjoyed it! I like Pui and Jill. Really enjoyed painting different pictures." -(participant)
"I completed 3 pieces and thought it was very good!" -(participant)
"I thought the workshop was brilliant! The people helping are lovely!" -(participant)
"I really enjoyed the workshop!" -(participant)
"I loved it, I had great fun painting!" - (participant)
RE: Formal Teaching Observations as part of postgraduate DTLLS teaching course (2012-2014):
"I have had the opportunity of observing Pui teaching on a number of occasions. I've seen her skillfully handling lessons in both Art and Taekwon-Do. Pui is a dedicated and hard-working person and an asset to any organisation." - Killian McCartney (DTLLS college tutor)
RE: 4 x 1hr China-themed workshops for Reception to Year 3 pupils at St. Gregory's Primary School, South Shields. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (12th February 2016):
"Thanks Pui, we all really enjoyed your sessions, thank you for your time. I look forward to working with you again!" – (Yr 5 Teacher)
RE: 3 x 1hr China-themed workshops for pupils aged 6-7yrs at Chorlton Park Primary School, Manchester. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (10th February 2015):
"Thank you so much for a fantastic day, we all had a super time. It was a nice end to our topic. I spoke to all 3 teachers after the workshop and they all told me how informative it was. We all particularly liked the language focus as we haven’t learnt much language. We would definitely use you again. – (C. Crompton)
RE: 4 x 1hr China-themed workshops for Year 1 and Year 3/4 pupils at Upperby Primary School, Carlisle, Cumbria. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (9th February 2015):
"Thank you for coming into school last week and teaching the children about Chinese New Year. The children really enjoyed the visit and learned a lot from you. They especially liked the gifts you gave them, which helped to reinforce the learning. They talked enthusiastically about your visit and were able to write a lot about what they had learned in their Big Writing lesson on the Friday. All the adults and children enjoyed the sessions and appreciate the hard work you put into preparing the session. Thank You!" – (Yr 1 Teacher)
RE: Delivered 6 x China-themed workshops for Foundation pupils and assembly in front of 400 people at Rosehill Methodist Community Primary School, Tameside. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (3rd February 2015):
"Dear Pui, All the teachers and children I spoke to about the workshops and assembly had a fantastic time and enjoyed all the activities!" – (A. Goodwin)
RE: 10 mini China-themed workshops for pupils at Broomfield South SILC (SEN) School, Leeds. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (30th January 2016):
"Dear Pui, Thank you very much for delivering the Chinese New Year Day workshops last Friday. Staff told me that you were very flexible and that you also did a short session in the whole school assembly which was really good as it tied up the sessions to a lovely end. Some of our groups are quite difficult to engage but generally the pupils enjoyed the sessions especially the ones who were more able to focus. And my staff can now say "thank you" in your language. Once again, thank you very much for the workshops!" – (E. ChatziprokopiouClass Teacher and MFL Subject Leader)
RE: 10 x 1hr China-themed workshops for KS1 and KS2 pupils at Woodside Primary School, Oswestry. Representing Dragons in Europe as a Freelance Teacher. (26th-27th January 2015):
"It was a great two days of workshops!" – (G. Humphreys: Event Organiser)
RE: Art Workshop for The Manor House care home, Newcastle (08/01/2015):
"The best part of today? Well, to learn something is GOOD and it helps build your confidence. I had a very pleasant afternoon so thank you very much. I enjoyed myself, made something and learnt something too. Hope you can come back again soon." - (class participant)
RE: Arts 'n' Crafts Workshop for Hawksbury House, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear (18/12/2014):
"The doorbell goes and we hear your voice. Here she comes again! We all look forward to when you see us. It really makes our day!" - (class participant)
RE: Make Your Own Giant Paper Snowflake/Star! drop-in workshop for Shipley Lates Christmas Crafting Event, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. 6pm-10pm. (13/12/2014):
"Thank you very much for helping me during the art workshop. I'm really proud of what I made today." - (class participant)
RE: Arts 'n' Crafts Workshop for Ryton Towers, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear (12/12/2014):
"I absolutely enjoyed that! It's good to do something different. It's better than sitting around doing nothing. Thank you so much!" - (class participant)
RE: Arts 'n' Crafts Workshop for Ryton Towers, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear (21/11/2014):
"I really enjoyed myself today. It was great to meet you. Hope you can come back soon!" - (class participant)
RE: Arts 'n' Crafts Workshop for The Manor House, Gosforth, Newcastle (19/11/2014):
"I always really enjoy myself at your art workshops and had another lovely time today!" - (class participant)
RE: Commissioned START arts education project, "The Market" (April - June 2014) working with Yr 8 pupils from Alder Community High School, Tameside, and CFCCA, Manchester:
"Pui's strength in proposal and concepts lay in the ambitious, imagination of projects, with a strong consideration of gallery and other agency's expected outcomes. Working with young people of all ages and abilities including SEN, Pui managed to provide opportunities for all to achieve, shine and learn within projects. The project resulted in a truly interactive and participatory exhibition which complimented the coinciding show by Manchester artist Stanley Chow. Working with Pui was a pleasure for all involved in the START Projects. She truly is one of the CFCCA family. Pui is a resourceful, conscientious artist who brings a wealth of depth to educational projects. We would recommend Pui's workshops for her commitment, imagination and professionalism." - Colette Longden (START Project Co-ordinator)
RE: Art Workshop for The Lawns Care Home, Monkseaton, Tyne & Wear (14/03/2014):
"Very worthwhile session, good participation, good interaction and look forward to having you back!" - Kevin Bailey (Manager)
RE: Art Workshops for Knowsley Leisure and Culture Development Service (formerly Knowsley Arts & Heritage Services):
"Pui Lee is an unusually excellent all-rounder as an artist and creative professional - she provides a range of clever ideas and approaches to any briefs/workshops given, is fabulous at facilitating children and family-friendly art workshops, documents everything in line with what is required and is always reliable. Her range of skills and attitude put her miles ahead of most other artists I have employed." - Tina Ball (Knowsley Leisure & Culture Development Officer)
RE: Arts 'n' Crafts Workshops for The Manor House (residential home), Gosforth. (2012- present)
"Pui Lee has been coming to The Manor House, Gosforth, for some time now. We are a residential home looking after a large number of dementia clients. Pui Lee has a patient and understanding nature and relates to these residents extremely well. The projects for each workshop are different, she thinks of ideas that the residents can cope with and meets each individual's needs. We have had some wonderful Halloween and Christmas decorations which have been on show within the home. The residents have been very proud of their work. Pui Lee is one "activity" that I will not cut down on and will always make sure I can schedule her in every month for as long as she is able to come and see us." - Allison Lawton (Lifestyle Co-ordinator at The Manor House, Newcastle)
Re:  Artist-in-Residence Project for Throckley Primary School, Newcastle (2012-2013)
“We would like to thank you for all of the work that you have done over the past year in Throckley Primary School.  The children have learned a great deal about different art techniques and the school has two lovely works of art to commemorate important events that have taken place.

  1. The silk banners that you created with the children are now the centre piece of our school entrance-way.  They are vibrant works of art that genuinely express the children’s learning about the Olympic Values.
  2. The ‘Heart of Britain’ piece captures the celebrations which took place in our community during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  The artwork shows the thoughts and feelings of children, staff and community on the day of our official party. It looks fantastic on our big wall in Key Stage 2.

The school has really enjoyed working with you. You understand the complications of working in a school and have been very willing to fit in with us in order to accomplish these big projects.  Thank you and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.” – Julia Stewart (Headteacher)
RE: Art Workshop, "Food for Thought", in collaboration with Hexham Arts Forum and The Hexham Spaces Project, which resulted in a public exhibition at Empty Shop venue: DELIcious. Working with pupils from Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham. (14/06/2013)
"Hexham Spaces Project is established to showcase a range of local creativity and community-driven initiatives in the heart of Hexham, Northumberland, through short term use of available retail spaces in the town centre. The Project is actively working with a variety of groups and organisations in the town to present a range of pop-up community projects, visual art and local craft displays in currently vacant retail spaces.  
Pui Lee worked with us facilitating an art workshop for sixth form students from Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham. The workshop took place in DELIcious, a now redundant sandwich shop. This was Hexham Spaces premiere workshop and gallery venue. 
Pui Lee is a thoughtful and engaging artist. At Hexham Spaces, we are concerned with creating work that invites and encourages the community to engage with space and its many uses but we pride ourselves on remaining site sensitive. Pui did an excellent job at connecting with the site and relating the workshop to its surrounding. Pui followed the brief and introduced students to new mediums of art and ways of thinking. Pui Lee was welcoming and tentative to the students, motivating them to express themselves in a range of ways.  
Many thanks Pui from all at Hexham Spaces Project." - Morag Illes (Project Co-ordinator at Hexham Spaces Project)
RE: "Make Your Own Roman Coins Using Clay and Try Your Luck on the Human Fruit Machine!" Family-Friendly Drop-In Art Workshop as part of Museums at Night 2013 event: Legends and Lugavalium - Explore Roman Carlisle! to celebrate Local History Month! At Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery Trust, Carlisle. (17/05/2013)
“Tullie House has employed Pui Lee to run workshops and other events before. Pui Lee is highly creative and organised, she interacts with students and staff well and I would certainly employ her. Pui has been involved with the museum's family-friendly evening event as part of Museums at Night 2013. Her Roman coin-making and human fruit machine activity were very popular. We intend on employing her again." - Mark Gibbs (Secondary & Post 16yrs Learning Officer)
RE: An Introduction to Mosaic! with Artist Pui Lee. A creative workshop for adults at YMCA Carlisle; as part of Creative Wellbeing Project, Carlisle. (27/04/2013)
"Thank you for your support and facilitation in the Creative Wellbeing Project to this point! Just to say how impressed everyone was with the success of the Monoprinting and Mosaic Tile taster session. Excellent facilitation and inspiring subjects!" - Rebecca Mellor (Project Manager at Creative Wellbeing Project)
RE: An Introduction to Monoprint! with Artist Pui Lee. A creative workshop for adults at YMCA Carlisle; as part of Creative Wellbeing Project, Carlisle. (09/03/2013)
"Last week's session in Mono-printing went superbly! It was such a positive and productive session and everyone clearly enjoyed it! Thank you again for facilitating such a lovely session and we look forward to having you back again soon!" - Rebecca Mellor (Project Manager at Creative Wellbeing Project)
RE: Freestyle Wire Sculptures with Artist Pui Lee! Drop-In Workshop for Prescot Museum, Knowsley. (02/03/2013)
"I had a great time. I have never done wire sculptures before. I have had that leaflet in the house for 3 weeks and I have been really looking forward to this! It's great to play with wire and try things out." - (workshop participant)
RE: 3 x Chinese themed art workshops: Celebrating Chinese New Year! at Bowness-on-Solway Primary School, Carlisle. (08/02/2013)
"The teachers involved and the children have all enjoyed the day. Both the Foundation, Year 1, 2, 3 and 4 teachers said that you provided a good range of activities that engaged the children. The children in class 4 enjoyed their afternoon, both the cultural background and the shadow puppet experience. I thought the children worked well and both consolidated previous learning and learned about new aspects of the topic, as well as taking part in a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon." - D. Misselbrook (Yr 4 Teacher)
RE: The heARTy Party: LOVE LIVERPOOL! Workshop with Artist Pui Lee at Copperas Hill and FACT, Liverpool. (19/11/2012)
"It has been a real pleasure to work with Pui on the All Are Guests education workshop. Pui was incredibly professional and flexible in her approach to the project, providing a high level of detail and creative idea development in devising the workshop proposal. 

Pui worked extremely well with the Yr 7 group and was able to keep the pupils engaged throughout the day, resulting in some excellent work and feedback from the school. Pui's experience and rapport with the children allowed her to be adaptable during the workshop and make the most of the session and I would not hesitate in recommending Pui for other projects." - 
Louise Hargreaves (Project Co-ordinator)
"I cannot begin to justify in words just how fabulous the day at the Biennial and FACT was. The pupils loved it as did Nicki Browne (Head of Yr7) and I. It was quite possibly one of the best school trips that I have ever been on due to the organisation, staff/support and content of the activities. Absolutely brilliant! I feel that all aims were met and much, much more. The pupils were engaged throughout the day due to the meticulous attention to detail, the pace of the day, the way each activity was pitched/tailored to the specific year group, the support provided by the entire team and the content/focus of the day. The workshops at FACT were put into context at the Biennial location first so that the pupils considered the different aspects of each culture, particularly Hong Kong. The sequential and considered order of activities meant that the pupils’ learning progressed as the day progressed. The choice of Biennial exhibition ensured that the pupils engaged with a variety of art so that there was something for everyone. At one point, I looked at the group in FACT and realised that every single pupil was on task, engaged, enthused and working as a team. The day was absolutely brilliant and we would definitely want to be involved in future Biennials and work with Louise, Sally and Pui Lee again. Could not fault the day. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part." - David Graham (Head of Creative Arts Faculty at Holly Lodge Girls’ College, Liverpool)
RE: LifewithArt art workshops with Age UK Durham & Easington, at Peterlee. (2012)
"What did I most enjoy about the workshop? EVERYTHING! It was soooo very good!" - Anna Selby (Age UK service user)
"I enjoyed most the freedom to explore a range of materials in a calm and relaxing environment." Janet Watson (Development Worker at Age UK)
RE: 3hr Installation & Painting Art Workshop with Cestria House, Newcastle. Themes explored: Home, Connections, Boundaries & Place. As part of Cultural Olympiad and Hadrians Wall Heritage funded art project, “Connecting Light” by New York arts collective YesYesNo. (24/07/2012)
"Thank you very much, all the residents who attended all thoroughly enjoyed it. The residents said it was relaxing, enjoyable and fun. Thank you again!" - Kathy Burns (Cestria Care Home, Newcastle)
RE: 2h Installation Art Workshop with Gateshead Carers Association, Tyne and Wear. Themes explored: Home, Connections, Boundaries & Place. As part of Cultural Olympiad and Hadrians Wall Heritage funded art project, “Connecting Light” by New York arts collective YesYesNo. (23/07/2012)
“Interesting concepts!” – Alan.
“Enjoyed the challenge!” – Robert.
“I found the workshop to be enjoyable and it made me think outside of my usual thought processes.” – Anne.
“Quite an enjoyable lesson! It was a change from normal routine.” – Yvonne.
“I found it challenging and fun.” – Sandra.
“I thoroughly enjoyed the communication between the group.” – Ava.
RE: 3D Sculpture Art Workshop with Newbrough Womens Institute, Hexham. Themes explored: Home, Connections, Boundaries & Place. As part of Cultural Olympiad and Hadrians Wall Heritage funded art project, “Connecting Light” by New York arts collective YesYesNo. (18/07/2012)
“We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you last Wednesday. You were very pleasant and I must say very patient with a lot of old age pensioners. We certainly have never tackled any 3D art projects before and it was probably out of our normal comfort zone, but we gave it a try. It was also good to get the old grey matter working when you asked us questions regarding our thoughts on home. Our WI has been very happy to be part of Hadrians Wall Connecting Light festival and we look forward to it all happening at the end of August. Many thanks!” – Dorothy Sowerby (Secretary of Newbrough W.I.)
RE: LifewithArt workshop at Unicorn House, North Shields: Design Your Own Flower-Inspired Prints! (29/10/2012)
"Thank you for your excellent course it was very good, we all enjoyed it. You were such a ray of sunshine, looking forward to seeing you again!" -Robert Curry
RE: Fun with Clay! Workshop with Artist Pui Lee at LifewithArt charity arts centre in Peterlee. (14/09/2012)

RE: Schools workshops to coincide with Exhibition Programme 2012 at Huyton Gallery and Kirkby Gallery, Knowsley. (Feb 2012)
"Pui is a very imaginative and creative artist, she encourages participants in her workshops to express their own creativity through interesting and imaginative workshops that encourage participants to think for themselves and lead to very interesting joint visual outcomes." - Zoe Fagg (Knowsley Arts & Heritage)
RE: "The heARTy Party" - School Workshop with artist Pui Lee, to coincide with Your Valentine exhibition at Kirkby Gallery, Knowsley. (09/02/2012)
"The children really enjoyed the opportunity to use so many different media and they were so involved with creating their ideas. The words / phrases / messages were thought provoking and a lovely starting point for expression. Thanks and best wishes." - Jan Lafferty (Yr 3 Teacher at Kirkby C of E Primary School, Knowsley)
RE: "The Big Paper Quilt & Manifesto for Change Project" - School Workshop with artist Pui Lee, to coincide with Through Your Eyes exhibition at Huyton Gallery, Knowsley. (07/02/2012)
"The children had a fantastic time and produced some incredible work. It was nice for the children to produce work that was important to them and you inspired their thoughts and ideas. I wish you every success with your future projects and hope you continue to inspire other young people." - Wendy Burns (Yr 5 Teacherat St. Brigid's Primary School, Knowsley)
RE: "Chinese New Year Workshop" incorporating music, arts 'n' crafts (making fire crackers and Chinese toy drums), storytime and dance. At Goschen Road Nursery, Carlisle. (25/01/2012)
"Pui has delivered a very enjoyable workshop today. The children enjoyed a variety of age-appropriate activities. The session included attractive illustrations and music as well as a fun story. The children had great fun and are continuing their experiences in learning and play." - Mrs Kerr (Head of Nursery)
RE: Drop-In Family-Friendly Art Workshop: "Make Your Own 3D Cardboard Christmas Tree and/or Red Nosed Reindeer!" at NGCA, Sunderland. (22/12/2011)
"Excellent workshop." (participant)
"I enjoyed seeing the children enjoy themselves today." (parent)
"I enjoyed making things and it was briliant! Super! Fantastic!" (participant)
"Excellent. Entertaining and fun!" (parent)
"Fun, enjoyable and creative! We enjoyed everything about the workshop!" (family)
"Friendly, relaxed and good fun!" (parent)
"Excellent workshop! The children were kept occupied and happy. 5 out of 5!" (parent)
"Lovely artist teacher and we had a very nice time." (family)
"The artist was friendly and helpful. The workshop was very good fun!" (participant)
"Very, very, enjoyable!" (family)
"Fan Dabby Dosy!!" (participant)
"Veyr very good!! I enjoyed all of it!" (participant)
"The creativity of decorating the reindeer was what we enjoyed most! It was BRILLIANT!!!" (family)
"It was a fun and inventive Christmas theme! It was excellent." (parent)
"Christmassy crafty fun!" (parent)
"It was a fun and inventive Christmas theme! It was excellent." (parent)
"I enjoyed making the reindeer the best." (participant)
"It was great to see the kids all enjoying themselves. Lots of Christmassy crafty fun!" (parent)
"It was fun, enjoyable and festive!" (parent)
RE: Drop-In Family-Friendly Art Workshop: "Design & Make Your Own Christmas Themed 3D Magnets!" at NGCA, Sunderland. (20/12/2011)
100% of all the families who took part rated this workshop as being 5 out of 5 -"Excellent."
"Very good fun! I enjoyed most about the workshop - the children being excited for Christmas!" - (parent)
"Today's session was very very good. I enjoyed most about the workshop how well the artist was with the children - she always took time to talk to the children." - (parent)
"I enjoyed painting it the most!" - (child)
"It was exciting and fun!" - (child)
"It was an entertaining and excellent kids craft!" - (parent)
"Messy, fun and creative!" - (parent)
"Very good fun!" - (parent)
RE: 4 x Contemporary Art Workshops: "Drawing in Space." for Year 9 pupils at Chorlton High School, Manchester.(12/12/2011). Representing Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester.
"Paper Tapery Fun!" - (student)
"I enjoyed wrapping up my friend!" - (student)
"I enjoyed creating the costumes the most!" - (student)
"Fun! Creative! Interactive!" - (student)
"I enjoyed everything!" - (student)
"It was exciting and fun!" - (student)
"I enjoyed learning about artists' inspiration the most." - (student)
"I enjoyed being creative around friends etc." - (student)
"Interesting. Informative. Unique. " - (student)
RE: Art Workshop: "Christmas Themed Origami Fun!" for elderly tenants at Burnside Court, Carlisle. (01/12/2011)
"Pui's origami Christmas workshop was wonderful! We were surprised by how much we made in such a short period of time and the service users really enjoyed it because it was something new to them and because it had a lovely seasonal theme. We think they all got a lot out of the session and Pui was lovely with them - very encouraging and she explained in a straight forward way what we were doing! Thank you!" - Jackie and Laura. (Burnside Court supervising staff)
"I really enjoyed that! Thank you for coming!" - participant
"Thank you so much for that. That was extremely enjoyable. I'd never done anything like that before and I'm not usually good at this kind of thing. But I might actually give this a try when I get home!" - participant
RE: Family-Friendly Drop-In Art Workshop Event for The Big Draw 2011: Fantasy Faerie World at Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, Sunderland.11am-12:30pm and 1pm-3:30pm. (29/10/2011)
A selection of participant feedback responses regarding: “What were your best bits about the workshop?”

RE: Family-Friendly Drop-In Art Workshop: Make Your Own Dream-Catcher! to coincide with The Wonders of the Invisible World exhibition at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland. (11/08/2011)
"Pui Lee has a great approach to delivering workshops -she's very organised and professional and works well with participants to create an enjoyable and creative experience. I saw children proudly carrying their dreamcatchers at the end of the workshop and the evaluation from participants was very positive." - Amanda Gould (Arts Education and Outreach Officer at Sunderland City Council.)
"Very good fun! I enjoyed making the items." - (child participant)
"It was fab!" - (child participant)
"Lovely artist teacher." - (grandparent of children)
"Friendly helpful artist." - (grandparent of children)
RE: Over 50s Drawing Workshop as part of Carlisle Leisure's Fab and Fifty Activity Programme Feedback (2011)
"Good comraderie. Excellent teacher. Will definitely come again!" - (class participant)
"I engaged, learned a lot and laughed!" - (class participant)
"I always leave this class feeling good about myself." - (class participant)
"I'm impressed by how you broke a lot of barriers today - and that's not an easy thing to do. I shall definitely be back again!" - (class participant)
"I have mental health problems at the present time. For me, this class is unique because it offers a great social experience as well as excellent tuition to spread my creative wings!" - (class participant)
"Thought-provoking as always!" - (class participant)
"I enjoy these sessions because I share, talk and laugh with the group. The tutor encourages self-expression, as well as an innovative approach to teaching and drawing. All the group who attend get so many different positive elements from this workshops, I know I do. I'm just so pleased there is such a facility for me to enjoy!" - (class participant)
RE: Art Workshops at Freshfield Court, Carlisle
"We had Pui Lee to do Art Workshops with our elderly residents at Freshfield Court Sheltered Housing. Pui Lee showed them how to make Christmas pop-up cards and more recently, textile patterned pictures. It was very interesting and motivating. Residents who wouldn't normally attempt such activities did manage to accomplish this and I thought this was a fantastic achievement. It certainly gave them a feeling a self-worth. They were given encouragement by Pui Lee and were commended on their efforts." - Violet Boertien (Supervisor at Freshfield Court)
RE: Exploring Patterns! A Drawing and Printed Textiles Workshop for the elderly tenants at Freshfield Court, Carlisle (12/07/2011)
"I really enjoyed myself today! It was different." - (class participant)
"I'm really pleased with my result." - (class participant)
RE: Chinese Opera Mask Making workshop at Langwathby C of E Primary School, Penrith (June 2011)With KS2 pupils.
"Excellent. Well structured and thoroughly enjoyed by the children. She brought culture to the artwork. The workshops were fun, educational and creative!" - (Staff member)
"Very Very Good." - (child participant)
RE: Arts Education Work at Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery in 2010-11
"It has been fantastic to work with you and I have learnt a lot. All the best for your future projects, you are a fantastic arts educator and I hope that you continue to work with art galleries and young people." - Rebecca Warren (Visual Arts Education Officer at Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle)
RE: On The Edge Outreach Creative Development Workshops with local Secondary Schools (KS4/5), as part of The Young People's Project, inspired by the Stephen Vaughan: Ultima Thule exhibition at Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle (Jan-Feb 2011)
"I thought that the workshops went excellently, so well done! A superb set of workshops and the plans for the Other Worlds workshops (inspired by the Underwater exhibition) look absolutely excellent!!" - Rebecca Warren (Visual Arts Education Officer at Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle)
"I used a range of different media which I don’t usually use. I will consider doing this in my future work. I also developed my planning skills." -(pupil)
"I learnt how to plan pieces appropriately and make a piece in a short amount of time." -(pupil)
"I enjoyed it. I didn’t learn any new skills but I improved my existing skills." -(pupil)
"I liked working with mixed media instead of the ones I normally use." -(pupil)
A sample of responses the participants gave to describe the day:
..."challenging"..."interactive"..."thinking"..."helpful"..."inspirational"..."in depth"..."fun"..."wordy"..."experimental"..."fast paced"..."spontaneous"..."edgy"..."mind opening"...
RE: Other Worlds Creative Development Workshops with local Secondary School students (KS4/5), inspired by the Underwater exhibition at Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle (Feb Half Term 2011)
"Recording sounds was fun and the exhibition has opened my mind." - (pupil)
"I learnt about using more imagination and media, and the depths that you can go into from just one initial concept/idea." -(pupil)
"Having a tour and hearing about some of the artists’ intentions helped me to understand." -(pupil)
"Making my own work after seeing the exhibition helped me to understand the meanings." -(pupil)
"I learnt about the explanation of some of the pieces and what the artist wanted to achieve. This was really useful." -(pupil)
"Working as a team allowed us to collaborate ideas and gain something from other’s perspectives." -(pupil)
"I enjoyed experimenting with different media without having to make something perfect! I liked recording sounds too." -(pupil)
"I have learnt a lot. I have already thought of a new route for my coursework because of the activities today." -(pupil)
"I enjoyed working as a team and experimenting." -(pupil)
"It inspired me into thinking of new mediums I could use." -(pupil)
"I think that these activities have really helped me widen my ideas of mixed media." -(pupil)
"I really enjoyed all the practical activities I participated in today. I didn't dislike any of it." - (pupil)
"I now feel more confident about using sculpture" - (pupil)
"It sparked creative ideas – I like the spontaneous creations." -(pupil)
"Although I’m a fine artist, and our group outcome was actually an installation including sound, it helped me to develop my creativity and work faster." -(pupil)
"The research and development stages were interesting." -(pupil)
"The activities have really helped me to widen my ideas of mixed media." -(pupil)
A sample of responses the participants gave to describe the day:
..."buzzing"..."extravaganza"..."great"..."informative"..."productive"..."revelation"..."inspirational"..."hilarious"..."creative" ..."different"..."exciting"..."exceptional"...
RE: KS2 Drawing & Printmaking Art Workshops: "Pattern and Print" with local Primary Schools inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Heirsexhibition at Old Tullie House, Carlisle (03-04/02/11)
"The verbal feedback from the schools and pupils was extremely positive, and they were pleased with the outcome of the session." - Rebecca Warren (Visual Arts Education Officer at Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle)
RE: Potion Brewing & Cape-Making- Family Friendly Drop-in Art Workshop inspired by Magic Show exhibition (29/05/10)
"I thought that it was a brilliant concept for a workshop, with real scope for participants to do things they hadn’t done before, and lots of opportunities for parents and children to work together." -Rebecca Warren (Visual Arts Education Officer at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle.)
Some of the comments from the participants:
"I learned about mixing oils and waters and making new colours!" -(child)
"I liked putting the glitter on the cape and there was nothing I didn’t like." -(child)
"I liked shaking and mixing and doing it all by myself." -(child)
"It was absolutely great, if a little busy!" -(parent)
RE: Family-Friendly Drop-in Workshop Activities to coincide with The Truth About Faeries exhibition (10/07/10)
"Extremely well organised and planned to suit a number of different learning styles and abilities. Really imaginative works produced and the materials were inexpensive too, which was great! Thanks again - great to work with you." - Rebecca Warren (Visual Arts Education Officer at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle.)
RE: "Making Fantastic Flowers" - Artist Workshop at Burnside Court Day Care, Carlisle (24/08/10)
"Enjoyed the work and it gave us ideas for the future." - Jackie Jackson (Day care manager)
"Loved it. Great fun with a lovely finished product at the end. I would like to say thank you to Pui - it was great fun and we all enjoyed it. Pui was very hands-on, very helpful and a great teacher on how to make the flowers. We hope that she can come again soon!." - Kelly Atkins (Day Carer)
RE: "Let's Celebrate Chinese New Year!" Artist Workshop at Goschen Road Nursery, Carlisle
"Thanks for your time. The children really enjoyed themselves." -Ms Eileen Kerr (head)
RE: Faerie Tales - Art Summer School Workshop #3 inspired by The Truth About Faeries exhibition (19/08/10)
"The concept for this session was really strong, and encouraged the children to see performance and the theatrical as art. This was great because the Summer School aimed to change any preconceptions they might have of art as being ‘painting and drawing only’. I though that the session was structured well, introducing ideas, and then giving the children time to put them into action. Everyone loved practicing and performing, and each group performed to their parents and friends on the final day of the Summer School. This went down exceptionally well with everyone! All in all, it was a fantastic and very memorable activity!" -Rebecca Warren (Visual Arts Education Officer at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle)
RE: : I Dream of Faeries - Art Summer School Workshop #2 inspired by The Truth About Faeries exhibition (18/08/10)
"Brilliant discussion about the work in the Art Gallery; the children were really focusing on the main ideas surrounding the work and what it might mean. Telling the children about how artists take inspiration from each other’s work was great, as this let them see themselves as artists as they were transcribing ideas from the Alan Lee piece to create their own.The prototype absolutely wowed the children and they were keen to get on with the task. Really useful discussion about 3D space and relative sizes. This task really captured the children’s imagination and allowed them to be creative – the finished works were all so different from each other. They enjoyed working with a broad array of materials, including things they wouldn’t usually get to work with, such as wallpaper and laminate flooring! Everyone was proud of the end result and I think they would have happily carried on for longer!" -Rebecca Warren (Visual Arts Education Officer at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle.)
RE: : I Believe in Faeries - Art Summer School Workshop #1 inspired by The Truth About Faeries exhibition (17/08/10)
"It was fantastic! Excellent introduction to the Cottingley Fairies in the Art Gallery – pleased to see the children being encouraged to think about the ideas behind the work and talk about the work using ‘art language’. I think the session gave them a good idea of how to go about creating characters, and has made them more aware of the different sources they can find inspiration from for this.The end result was really effective." -Rebecca Warren (Visual Arts Education Officer at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle)

RE: Artist Workshop at Burnside Court Day Care, Carlisle (18/03/10)

"Very enjoyable. Would book another session." - Jackie Jackson (Day care manager)

"Very interesting, great fun and all of us learned something new! The time allocated for this activity was sufficient and I think the activity was very well presented. I feel that Pui Lee did a great job. We all enjoyed her talk about the artist that we were using as inspiration throughout the session. The images that we made just thinking about emotions were very interesting and we are grateful for Pui Lee's time and input today. Thank you.." - Kelly Atkins (Carer)