Sculpture (Personal work/Commissions/Participatory Work):

Making forms a large part of my artistic practice because I love working directly with materials to create something interesting. In recent years, I have also worked on parade projects, which has given the opportunity to work large-scale and to make a visual statement in a new context. I love transforming spaces and I am always excited by the possibilities of what installations can do. Often, I combine my ideas and methods with the arts engagement work I do too so that collborative outcomes are made from participatory pieces. See also "3D and Installation" page on my website.


Some prototypes of 3D outcomes I have made for "Make & Take" workshops over the years:. These are usually for drop-in workshops for a family participants so that they can be made quickly and with limited resources.

Sellotape tortoises by artist Pui Lee 3D Cardboard Rooster by Artist Pui Lee Dreamcatcher by artist Pui Lee 3D Flatpack Cardboard Christmas Reindeer

[Below:] The Key (2015) cardboard, vinyl,

This was a sculptural artwork made initially as a prototype for a making workshop.

Giant red key sculpture by artist Pui Lee


[Below:]Rubbish (2007) metal bin, paper; dimensions variable

Rubbish (2007) sculpture - Pui Lee

[Below:] Piece designed for Jigsaw Appeal 2006. Untitled (2006) wooden frame, photograph, printed card; dimensions variable

Jigsaw Appeal piece (2008) - Pui Lee Close-Up - Jigsaw Appeal piece (2008) - Pui Lee

[Below:] Clay model made during a life-class. Untitled (woman) (2006) clay

[Below:] Self-Portrait (2005) sellotape; dimensions variable

Sellotape is an everyday and sometimes taken for granted material. Its adhesive quality exists to allow it to attach things together and to forge a literal connection between one surface and another, unifying two sometimes disparate objects into a unified whole. The material is both transparent, offering possibilities for invisibility and visibility, but like human beings is just as susceptible to change through time. It can age just as we do, it is as temporary as we are: it can lose its stickiness (its function) and becomes discoloured and brittle. If exposed, it can attract dust and become opaque over time.

This conceptually challenging work investigates themes of the body and the self by exploring space and using mundane everyday materials. The piece refers to notions of boundaries and the relationship between internal and external spaces. The process of making here echoes a methodical and obsessive tendency. The process itself will reference ideas of self-preservation by creating a web or barrier.

Self-Portrait (2005) sellotape Self-Portrait (2005) sellotape Self-Portrait (2005) sellotape Self-Portrait (2005) sellotape

Self-Portrait (2005) sellotape Self-Portrait (2005) sellotape Self-Portrait (2005) sellotape Self-Portrait (2005) sellotape Self-Portrait (2005) sellotape

[Below:] Untitled (clay head) (2004) acrylic on clay; dimensions variable

Untitled (clay head) (2004) acrylic on clay - Pui Lee