Art Workshops for Older Adults:

Why not enhance the service and care you provide by hiring a professional artist to work with your group?

"I don't believe in literally doing the artwork for them but rather, I enable them so that they can take control, make their own decisions and overcome any challenges in order to achieve a fantastic visual outcome/s that they can be proud of! I'd like to think that through my workshops, I can empower others through creativity." - Artist Pui Lee

Pui Lee is committed to providing a stimulating art workshop experience for her participants, regardless of age, ability or background. She is passionate, enthusiastic, friendly and above all, hoping to make someone's day by injecting a bit of creativity into their lives!

She is also a qualified teacher as well as a practising artist; and has relevant teaching experience working with individuals from all walks of life and has received consistently positive feedback from each participant/employer, which stands as testimony to the success of her art workshops. Pui Lee also has experience of working with clients who have dementia. As an artist who uses a variety of media, she is very versatile in what she can offer and is always full of ideas for activities. Quality references available on request.

The aim of the sessions is to provide participants the opportunity to create art in a supportive and relaxed environment. Workshops can consist of individual projects and/or collaborative work. The impact of creativity on improving wellbeing, happiness and overall confidence is tremendous. Also, reducing loneliness and isolation, participants can come together and work on a creative project with the artist at these sessions. Whatever your needs, give Pui Lee a call on 07970 785 030 to discuss it further. Private Tuition in drawing is also available at affordable rates.

To date, Pui Lee has delivered art workshops for older adult groups/clients at:

~Hawksbury House Care Home, Gateshead

~The Manor House Care Home, Gosforth

~Ryton Towers Care Home, Gateshead

~St. Mark's Care Home, Gateshead

~St. Catherine's Care Home, Newcastle

~Ashbourne Lodge Care Home, Sunderland

~Highcliffe Care Home, Sunderland

~Orchard Mews Care Home, Newcastle

~Springfield House Care Home, Gateshead

~Alexandra House Care Home, Gateshead

~The Lawns Care Home, Monkseaton

~Cestria House Care Home, Newcastle

~Age UK, Easington

~Burnside Court, Carlisle

~Freshfield Court, Carlisle

Art can have the ability to motivate, heal and inspire. Art is great for the older adults because it can improve motor and co-ordination skills, whilst stimulating the mind and imagination. Leading researcher in the relationship between creativity and ageing, Dr. Cohen, says, "Expressing ourselves creatively can actually improve health, both mentally and physically. Creativity is a natural, vibrant force throughout our lives - a catalyst for growth, excitment and forging a meaningful legacy."*

* Cohen, Gene D., "Welcome to the Creative Age", Bottom Line/Tomorrow Vol. 9, #8 (Aug. 2001)


[Below:] Landscape Painting and Drawing with the residents at Orchard Mews Care Home, Newcastle.

[Below:] Exploring Chinese culture in this paper craft and drawing workshop at Alexandra House Care Home, Gateshead.

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[Below:] Making Fluffy Easter Chicks with the residents at Ryton Towers, Gateshead..

One of the Easter chicks made by the group! :-)

[Below:] Landscape Painting with the residents at Ryton Towers, Gateshead.

One of the paintings produced during the workshop! This is beautiful I think. It's the first painting ever produced by this 99yr old lady, who could hardly see as it is. A brilliant effort indeed!

[Below:] Residents at Hawksbury House, Gateshead, took part in one of my workshops: Make Your Own 3D Cardboard Christmas Tree Decorations!

[Below:] Residents at The Manor House, Gosforth, took part in one of my workshops: Textile Art: Weaving Skills!

The finished outcomes of the day!

[Below:] Making hand-painted clay bowls, inspired by flowers and all things summery, with the residents at Hawksbury House, Gateshead.

A hand-painted clay bowl made by one of the workshop participants. Working hard on her hand-painted clay bowl at my art workshop! A lovely red clay bowl made by one of my workshop participants. A bowl made out of clay being left to dry before it gets painted!

[Below:] Residents at The Manor House, Gosforth, took part in one of my workshops and created a collaborative hand-made Chinese blossom tree piece for permanent display at the home!

[Below:] "Paper-Cut Xmas Cards Art Workshop" at Hawksbury House, Gateshead.

[Below:] "An Introduction to Drawing & Printmaking Art Workshop" at The Lawns Care Home, Monkseaton.

A still life drawing by one of the participants at the workshop. Some still life drawing by one of the workshop participants. A still life drawing by one of the participants at the workshop. Some still life drawing by one of the participants at the workshop.

[Below:] Arts & Crafts Workshop/s: "Icosahedron 3D Hanging Decorations!" at St. Catherine's Care Home, Newcastle.

First one made! Well done - great team effort! :-) The residents were able to express themselves through drawing during the session. The residents had a go at using collage techniques too. Some of the finished icosahedron shaped 3D hanging decorations made! :-D

[Below:] "Make Your Own Hand-Painted Clay Beads Workshop" at The Manor House, Newcastle.

Some of the outcomes produced during my art workshop.

[Below:] "Pastel Drawings: Exploring Landscapes", an art workshop at Ryton Towers, Gateshead.

This is Jessie. She is 100yrs old and is working on her first ever pastel drawings! :-) An outcome produced at my art workshop session.

[Below:] "Exploring Patterns! A Drawing and Printed Textiles Workshop" at Freshfield Court, Carlisle. One participant commented, "I really enjoyed myself today! It was different!"

[Below:] Residents at Hawksbury House care home, Gateshead, take part in my painting workshop for the afternoon!

[Below:] Working with tenants at Burnside Court, Carlisle, for a 2 hour arts and crafts workshop. The group worked on Christmas-themed Origami projects, which resulted in some funky festive Christmas cards and decorations!

[Below:] Drawing Still Life for Beginners! Art Workshop at The Manor House Care Home, Newcastle.

[Below:] Drawing for Beginners! Art Workshop at The Manor House Care Home, Newcastle.

One of the drawings produced by one of the workshop participants. A pencil drawing by one of the workshop participants.

[Below:] Making Halloween Decorations! Art Workshop at The Manor House Care Home, Newcastle.