Tourettes Action North East:

15/12/2013: Voluntary Christmas Arts 'n' Crafts Workshop for Tourettes Action North East in Cramlington. Activities included: 3D cardboard Christmas wreath, choir-singing angels, 3D giant paper snowflakes, decorating cardboard crowns, hand-crafted snowmen.

24-26/05/2013: Designed and Delivered Art Workshops for the 3-Day Tourettes Family Friendship Festival in Northumberland. My sessions included: [Day 1:] Make Your Own Friendship Bracelets! / Create Your Own Teru Teru Bozus!; [Day 2:] Celebrating Me! - A drawing and collage workshop culminating in a collaborative banner! / Make Your Own Decorative Bunting!; and [Day 3:] Make Your Own Pom Pom Creatures! / Freestyle Recycled Sculpture!

The Art Tent with Artist Pui Lee The Art Tent! Then Tourettes Action NE Co-ordinator Jac Campbell gives an opening speech!

Example Teru Teru Bozu made by Pui Lee for demonstration purposes

A giant celebratory banner - The "Celebrating Me" project

Making wearable fashion items in the Art Tent! Awww... the children make me a lovely flower necklace! :-) Making giant sculptures out of recycled materials! Doing some hair braiding in the Art Tent! What a cool T-Shirt! B-)


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